Excuse us for airing a nagging issue with us, but we simply do not like the term “cheap storage,” so let’s work with “inexpensive storage” for the purposes of this article and move on.  We are Mouser Self Storage, serving the South Fort Worth/Alvarado/Johnson County area with outstanding and affordable self storage solutions. Call us at 682-800-3949 for more information about current pricing and storage units available.

What is cheap storage?

So, cheap storage, aka inexpensive storage, aka affordable self storage, simply means it is within the financial means of a majority of citizens.  It is a subjective term, for sure, since a person making $100,000 per year has a different concept of affordability than a person making $40,000 per year.  Still, we have to have a starting point for this article, so we start with the generalization that storage units are affordable for most wage-earners.

How much do they cost? It is entirely possible, in most cities, to find the smallest storage unit, say 5’x10’, to cost in the neighborhood of $50 per month, on a month-to-month contract.

What is secure self storage?

Ask most people what secure self storage means and they will say that their possessions will be safe from harm, safe from vandals, and safe from theft while they pay for the storage unit.

That is not a safe assumption, and this is a point not widely known in cities. There are different security measures which can be taken at storage places, and they are not always taken.

The first security measure is a fenced perimeter. This, at the very least, prevents most people from walking off the street right up to the storage units, thus eliminating 99% of vandalism.  Hopefully that fence provides for one entry point, and one entry point only, and that entry point has a locked gate which can only be accessed by paying customers who have a key.

The second measure of security is that key; it should be individualized in the form of a computer card key.  Old-fashioned keys can be easily copied; not so with a computer key card.

Thirdly, you need security cameras monitored on a regular basis, and those cameras need to have a view of every nook and cranny of the storage facility.

Finally, there needs to be on-site management. Nothing says security like another human being patrolling the grounds periodically.

All four of these security measures means maximum security. Any less and the security of your possessions is jeopardized.

Can you have both?

Can you have cheap storage and secure storage?  Check out Mouser Self Storage and our sister company, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, offering great prices and the ultimate in security.  And, if you do not live in Fort Worth, you now have information which will serve you well as you look for inexpensive storage which offers great security.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

Mouser Self Storage and Blue Mound 287 Self Storage are locally owned and operated, and we like to believe that makes a great amount of difference in the service we provide. Call us today, and ask us about car storage, RV self storage, and boat storage units, in addition to the self storage everyone is aware of.