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A phrase like “cheap storage’ is, we realize, dependent upon your financial situation.  The information we will be providing in this article represents a fair view of the self storage units industry as a whole.  Prices may vary from city to city, but this information will give you a decent idea of the general cost.

Defining cheap storage.

Cheap can refer to a low cost of self storage prices, or it can have a negative definition, meaning poor quality.  Those two definitions may, or may not, be related.  For example, one storage company may have a 5’x10’ unit renting for $30 per month, while another storage company offers the same size unit for $50 per month.  On the surface, if you are trying to save money, the first option would seem to be the best choice. However, in this scenario, the first option does not have a fenced perimeter, does not have on-site management, and it was constructed of poor-quality materials.  In that case, the $50 per month option may very well be the best option when it comes to protecting your possessions.

Cheap storage vs unprotected valuables and replacement cost.

Self-storage should offer security at a fair price.  That is what we believe at Mouser Self Storage and, quite frankly, that is what all reputable self-storage facilities believe as well.

What does security look like at a self-storage facility? Our security system includes the following:

  • Fenced perimeter
  • One access main gate
  • On-site management
  • 24/7 Video surveillance
  • Gated access with code
  • Passcode history recorded
  • NOKE Smart Entry in units

All of which means your possessions/valuables are as safe as they can possibly be in a storage unit which is, for most people, the #1 concern.  Replacement costs can be steep; for some items, personal items, items of emotional value, there is no replacement cost, and that is why it is crucial that a storage unit have the Four Levels of Security we are so passionate about at Mouser and at our sister facility, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage in Haslet.

We treat your items like they are our own, and that is what you should expect from any self-storage company.with fair self storage prices.

Safety like this is worth it.

It comes down, ultimately, to this question: What is peace of mind worth?  $60 per month? $100?  And what about items like RVs or boat storage units?  How secure are they in your driveway? Car storage? You spent $100,000 on that RV or Bayliner, and now you want the very best in secure self-storage, in which case a couple hundred dollars per month for RV self storage is a great investment, is it not?

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

Mouser Self Storage and our sister facility, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, are here to serve you.  Mouser has South Fort Worth covered, while Blue Mound covers the North Fort Worth/Alliance Area.  Call Mouser at 1-682-800-3949, or Blue Mound at 1-817-439-1380.  Both are locally owned and operated, just Texans who understand the emotional attachment you have with your valuables. Ask about our boat storage and car storage, too.

Call us today when your very best deserves the very best in secure self storage.  Remember to ask about move in specials.

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drive up access on ground floor Drive up access
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NOKE Smart Entry NOKE Smart Entry
24/7 security cameras. 24/7 security cameras

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