NOKE One Smart Entry

Say goodbye to loosing your storage unit keys and forgetting gate codes. NokeONE Smart Entry is a Bluetooth electronic lock that allows customers to easily access Mouser Self Storage and their unit from their smart device. It will work with IOS and Android phones.

Another benefit of the Nokē Smart Entry system is digital key sharing. Go into the app on your phone and grant temporary unit access to a friend, family member, or anyone who needs to grab an item from the storage unit. The digital key can be revoked at any time, and an activity log keeps track of exactly when the unit was accessed during the key sharing time frame.

NOKE One Smart Entry is secure. Nokē uses an encrypted algorithm to ensure transmissions are encrypted and secure so hackers can’t access your belongings.

All self storage units  have the NOKE One Smart Entry.

NOKE One smart entry

Access Your  Storage Unit From Your Phone

State of the art security to keep your belongings safe.

  • Access your unit from your smart phone
  • Share a digital key to grant access to a family member or someone else
  • Revoke shared access at any time
  • Monitor access to your unit via the mobile app
  • Motion sensing built in
  • A higher level of security
  • Download the app for iOS and Android