Easily the most often-asked question about a storage unit rental is this one: which one do you need for your specific needs? Understandably, most citizens have no idea how much you can store in a specific space, and that is why most storage places, like Mouser Self Storage, have trained professionals who can help you to decide.

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Now, let’s tackle this question of which storage unit is right for you.

Various storage unit sizes to choose from.

Sizes will vary depending upon which of the thousands of storage places you stop at; for example, at Mouser, our smallest is a 10’x10’ storage unit, while our largest is a 10’x30’.   The largest will handle everything in a three-bedroom home, and the smallest, well, let’s say one room, or a bunch of lawn furniture and garage overflow. But what about the sizes in-between? How does anyone know?

As mentioned earlier, our team of professionals can help you to choose the best unit for your needs, but if you, for some reason, can’t ask a professional, your best approach is to measure the largest items you need to store, draw up a diagram to scale, and figure out how much you can fit in a specific unit.  Yes, it calls for tedious, old-fashioned math, but it is accurate far more often than not.

Remember, when planning how much to put in a unit, the measurement most people forget to account for . . . vertical!

Square footage and cubic footage.

We mentioned earlier our 10’x10’ storage unit, which is ten feet long and ten feet wide, but please note that all storage units are either eight or ten feet high as well; this is an important point when we are talking about storing countless boxes.  Using strong, reinforced cardboard boxes, or plastic tote bins, you can stack quite a few boxes in a storage unit, using hardly any horizontal storage space.

Consult with the pros and determine what amenities you need.

Different amenities are available at different storage places. Some have climate control self storage for those items which need protection from extreme temperatures.  Some units have electricity, some have lighting, some are ground floor and some are second story.  There are even some storage units which offer 24/7 access, like our RV self storage, car storage, and small hobby shop rentals.  Again, if you consult with the management team, and tell them what you will be storing, they can help you to determine which is the best storage solution for your particular situation.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

Mouser Self Storage and our sister company, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage in North Fort Worth, are locally owned and operated, and we are here to help you.  We welcome questions so please, ask them.  We offer the best in secure self storage, and our storage solutions are unmatched by anyone else in Fort Worth. Call us today.