The Most Secure Self Storage in South Fort Worth

In this article, we are going to not only tell you about the most secure self storage in all of the South Fort Worth/ Johnson County area, but we will also tell you what to look for in security measures for any qualified self storage facility anywhere in the United States.

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The four levels of secure self storage.

Let’s get right down to it.  There are four levels of security in the self storage industry.  Let’s look at each of them individually.

Fenced perimeter . . . as amazing as it may seem, we have seen self storage companies which did not have fenced perimeters, and to us that is unacceptable.  How can you possibly protect your property, and the possessions of your customers, if your property offers easy access to thieves and vandals?  A six-foot chain-linked fence, with barbed wire at the top, to us that spells security and protection, and it is the first line of defense you should expect.  And that fenced property should only have one access point, a main gate, and that is all.

Individualized access keycards . . . No keys! Keys can be copies. Every customer should have a computerized card for the main gate and a computerized card for the storage unit they rent. It is  impossible to copy a computerized access card, period, end of discussion.

Security video monitoring . . . Expensive, yes, but necessary, every inch of the storage property should be seen on a video screen in the main office, cameras strategically located throughout the property for good viewing.  No one walks that property without being seen on the office video monitor.

And, finally, on-site management . . . nothing says secure self storage like a human being.  Again, expensive? Yes, and that is why you rarely see this at self storage companies; but if a company is going to claim to be secure, this final step is necessary.

A word about Mouser Self Storage.

Mouser Self Storage is located in 917 Industrial Park, near Alvarado, and it offers all four levels of secure self storage for a price comparable to many self storage companies which do not offer all four levels.  And we learned security from the best in the Fort Worth area, our sister company, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage in North Fort Worth.

And, for those in North Fort Worth.

Blue Mound 287 Self Storage has been serving Fort Worth residents for longer than you can shake a stick at, and they are as secure as you will find in this industry.  Both Blue Mound and Mouser offer easy access to I-35W, both are within a thirty-minute drive to downtown Fort Worth, and both offer the very best in storage solutions.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

Blue Mound 287 Self Storage and Mouser Self Storage are locally owned and operated. Call them today and the trained professionals can give suggestions on which storage units will best serve your needs.