We all have storage of varying degrees and amounts.  From the homeowner with a garage full of extra possessions, to the teenager with an overflowing closet of important items.  Normally, we find a place for those items; it may not be a perfect solution, but we can accept it in its imperfection.

However, sometimes the storage problem calls for more than acceptance. Sometimes it calls for a storage solution, and more often than not, in the U.S., that means self storage.

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Now, though, let’s talk about storage solutions.

Types of storage available to you.

The best estimate available has the number of storage facilities, in the United States, at 52,000 and counting, which averages out to a little over one thousand per state.  They are, to say the least, plentiful and readily available.

The most common use of self storage is when there is simply no more room in your home, or your garage, for the possessions you have.  Besides that, though, self storage units are used by businesses for inventory and/or excess documents, by military personnel to store their belongings while they are on active duty, and even by small companies who rent units for small shops.

In addition, many storage facilities have RV storage, car storage, and boat storage units.

Cost of storage solutions.

It would be misleading and a waste of energy to quote self storage prices. They vary from city to city, and they inevitably change from year to year.  Having said that, the smallest storage units available, either a 5’x10’ or a 10’x10, are quite affordable at most self storage facilities.

The cost, then, rises as the size of the storage units increase.

The best advice we can give is to call around and find out what storage facilities in your city are charging.

How do you know what you need?

Other than asking about price, this is probably the most often asked question we receive.  People do not know how large of a unit they need for their belongings, especially when we are talking about household furniture.

Most storage companies have a staff which is well-trained in this sort of information, and they can give a good estimate of how much room you will need.  If you choose to do the computations yourself, remember that you have cubic footage to consider and not just square footage. Most storage units are at least eight feet high, meaning that, with strong boxes and good stacking techniques, you can stuff quite a bit into one storage space.

Check out our website for diagrams which will help you in deciding what size unit to rent.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

Mouser Self Storage is locally owned and operated.  In addition, we have a sister company worth mentioning if you need a storage solution in the North Fort Worth area..  Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, in Haslet, has everything you will need in secure self storage answers.