We need to lay to rest this misconception about storage units once and for all: They are not just for household items and patio furniture. Storage units can handle all of your storage needs at a place like Mouser Self Storage. Call us at 682-800-3949 for more information about current pricing and unit availability.

Storage units for traditional needs

Considering the fact that there are over 60,000 self storage facilities in the United States, it is safe to say that millions of citizens have already rented a storage unit in the past.  Storage for household goods while you look for a new home to live in; storage while you are away on military leave; storage for business paperwork, or overflow from that home-based business you have; all of these are valid reasons to call a storage business like Mouser Self Storage.  However, there are more storage solutions which most Americans are not aware of, and those are the solutions we want to point out right now.

Car storage

Did you know that places like Mouser Self Storage offer car storage? That it is 24/7 access? That is in less expensive than traditional car storage? That it is every bit as secure as traditional car storage, and certainly more secure than your garage or driveway?

RV storage, boat storage, and hobby shops.

Did you know that quality storage companies like Mouser Self Storage offer RV self storage, large units which can accommodate RVs thirty feet in length or larger? Did you know we offer boat storage capable of handling boats of thirty feet or less? Did you know we have small shops for rent,  hobby shops, offering electricity and 24/7 access, a quiet, secure place where you can work on your hobby, or where you can expend your Etsy shop without having it take over your garage or spare bedroom?

Did you know that secure self storage is not just an advertising line for us, that we consider it our personal responsibility to keep your belongings as safe as safe can be?

Compare traditional RV storage prices and then check out our prices. Compare marina boat storage to Mouser boat storage in price and security? Check out a traditional shop for rent in Fort Worth and then compare that to Mouser small shops for rent.  There simply is no comparison.  Mouser beats traditional solutions in every way you want to compare.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

Mouser Self Storage, and our sister company in North Fort Worth, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, are locally owned and operated. Call us today for current pricing and talk to our trained staff for suggestions for the best solutions to your storage problems/needs.  We can not only tell you what size storage unit you will need but we can also give you tips on how to pack that storage unit so you will get the best bang for your buck. Give us a call, tell us what you are looking for, and we will give you an honest appraisal of what we can do for you.