Storage units have been a part of the American landscape for longer than most of have been alive. There are over 60,000 of them in the U.S., and more being built every single day.  Obviously, they serve a purpose, and in this article we will talk about that purpose.

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Let’s talk about storage units and how they can help you.

Storage units solve the clutter problem.

We are not sure which reason for self storage came first, but we suspect the need to eliminate clutter was #1 or #2.  People doing the traditional spring cleaning. People organizing garages. People increasing the number of possessions but not wanting to rid themselves of any of them.

The now-deceased comedian, George Carlin, once did a comedy routine about self-storage, about people needing a place to store the extra stuff they have purchased, a very funny routine and a routine which hits at the original purpose of self-storage. Eventually, the house you own or rent is not big enough to store all of your possessions, and you need more storage spaces.  So, rather than parting with things which are important to you, you are willing to pay $60 per month, for self-storage, and hold onto it.

Self storage serves as a stop-gap solution.

You sell your house and buy a new one, but inevitably there is a timing gap between the closing of one and the opening of another, so you need to move into a hotel for a week while all the paperwork is completed . . . but what about your possessions? What do you do with them?

You are in the military, suddenly deployed overseas for six months.  And after that deployment you will be stationed in a different city in the U.S. What do you do about your possessions while you are gone?

These are real life problems faced daily by thousands of people, and they are problems which can be solved by renting storage units.

Self storage really solves a majority of storage issues.

Did you know that at places like Mouser Self Storage, you can find car storage? Did you know you can also find RV self-storage or boat storage units? Did you know there are small hobby shops available? And all of those options are less expensive at self storage places than at specializes storage options. And we are talking hundreds of dollars per month less expensive, real money savings which most people desperately need.

Are storage places safe? At Mouser Self Storage we pride ourselves in providing secure self storage, every bit as safe as the specialized car storage companies or the marinas.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

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