Small shop space available in a self storage facility?  Is that even a thing?

It is and it can be found at Mouser Self Storage in Alvarado, Texas, located in the 917 Industrial Park. Call us at 682-800-3949 for more information and current pricing.

Let’s talk about small shop space in our storage units.

Small shop space sizes.

The following sizes are available:’

  • 12’x30’
  • 12’x40’
  • 24’x30’
  • 24’x40’

All come with electricity, lights, and 24/7 access, and some even come with 220V.

Are you a hobbyist in need of space?  Are you tired of your hobby spilling over into the spare bedroom or, worse, into the living room? Would you like to reclaim your home, or garage, while at the same time having elbow room to pursue your hobby with gusto?

Mouser Self Storage has the solution with spacious hobby shops, all drive-up, all with electricity, and all with lights.

What type of hobby are you into?  Are you fond of the arts? Do you need room to pursue your passion for painting or sculpture?  Do you like to make cards, or are you into calligraphy?  Perhaps crocheting is your passion, or sewing or quilting?  Maybe you have an arts and crafts Etsy business which has outgrown your home.

Maybe you like to restore cars or travel trailers or small boats? Maybe you like to build small boats for a small business?

Are you a writer, a blogger, or a vlogger, desperate for a private space where you can create?

Photography? Tie-dying? Making collages?  Perhaps you love to play video games, but your partner is demanding equal time with the television?  Stamp collecting, book collecting, coin collecting? No matter what your passion is, these small hobby shops will be perfect.

Current pricing compared to normal industrial space pricing.

The problem with quoting prices is they will be moot by the time you read this article. Prices change. That’s just the reality of real estate, retail products, services, and self storage units turned into hobby shops. What we can tell you is that in 2024 the prices range from $395 to $840, and if you compare that price to normal industrial space pricing, you will realize what a great price that is.  360-square feet of shop space in Fort Worth will easily cost you $1500 per month, if not more.  To find a hobby shop for $400 per month is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Great location with easy access to Fort Worth.

Mouser Self Storage offers easy access to I-35W, Highway 287, Highway 67, and FM 917, all of which means you are an easy thirty-minute drive to Fort Worth Metro, and thirty minutes is a drop in the bucket when talking about Fort Worth traffic.  You could live in Fort Worth and, when you have spare time to work on your hobby, make a quick drive to Mouser and go at it, with no disruptions normally found at home when trying to concentrate on your hobby.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

Mouser Self Storage and our sister company Blue Mound 287 Self Storage offer the very best in affordable and secure self storage solutions.  Call us today, tell us what you need, and we can give you a current price quote.