What is secure self storage and how will it help you to sleep better at night? We answer those two questions for you, and others, in this insider article.  We are Mouser Self Storage, serving South Fort Worth, Alvarado, and Johnson County with storage solutions. Call us at 682-800-3949 for current pricing information and availability of storage units.

What does secure self storage mean?

Secure self storage means that your possessions are safe from vandals, safe from thieves, and safe from the damage Mother Nature can inflict.

Truth be told, most, if not all, storage places will claim to have secure self storage; the reality of that claim is not always true.

There are basically four levels of self storage security. They are:

  1. Fenced perimeter (we would estimate that a vast majority of self storage companies have a fence).
  2. Video monitoring (this level of security is expensive. Cameras covering the entire facility and property are expensive to install. They are time-consuming to monitor; thus, not all self storage companies have this).
  3. Computerized access keys for storage unit and main access gate. (no, not all storage facilities have this and thus, key copying is quite possible).
  4. On-site management (we would estimate, maybe, 50% of storage companies have someone on-site around the clock).

If you want the best in security, look for all four levels of security.

Eliminate stress and clutter and sleep better.

Psychologists are unanimous in stating that stress caused all manner of health problems. Thus, eliminating clutter will lower stress and increase peace of mind. What is clutter? A garage overflowing with “stuff.” A driveway with too many vehicles in it. An RV sitting in the backyard. A home-based business with far too many boxes of “stuff” in the spare bedroom.

Eliminate those problems and you will have taken a huge step towards eliminating stress in your life.

Storage solutions you may not be aware of.

Self storage is not just about cleaning out your spare bedroom.  Places like our own Mouser Self Storage offer car storage, boat storage units, RV self storage, and even small hobby shops.  We looked at every aspect of life in suburbia, or a normal day operating a business, and we have listed all of the ways clutter exists, and we found solutions for those clutter problems.  Mouser Self Storage is not your grandfathers storage facility; it is the storage facility of the future.

Let’s put this another way.  If you could eliminate a great stress producer from your life, and do it for, say, $100 per month, would you do it? Would it be worth it for you?

Only you can answer that question.

A final word about Mouse Self Storage.

Mouser Self Storage and our sister company, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage in Haslet, offer the very best in storage solutions for the Greater Fort Worth area. We are locally owned and operated, offering the very best in storage solutions for homeowners, apartment dwellers, and business owners. Call us today, tell us what you need, and we will give you a price quote for the solution.