We are about to save you a lot of time and aggravation when renting a self storage unit, so take notes and pay attention.

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Step One in self storage organization.

This may sound like a tedious process, but we guarantee it is a process which will save you loads of time, and cut down on the cursing, if you follow it.

Your first step is determining what size of storage unit you will need.  Ask the on-site manager for their opinion. They are the pros in storage and they will have a good idea how much room you will need. Remember, a storage unit is not only 10’x10’. It also has vertical space, usually eight feet, and that vertical space is crucial when you have a lot of boxes to store.

Get yourself some strong and sturdy boxes.  They are a lifesaver in organizing storage spaces.  Now pack those boxes and mark, on the outside, exactly what is inside each box.

The last part of this first step is to lay down a buffer between the floor and your possessions. We recommend discarded, used pallets.  They are easy to obtain from businesses, and they provide the perfect protection from possible damp and cold floors.

Step Two in storage organization.

Determine which items you are likely to use during the storage period.  Invariably, people pack away something which they need at some point, and that is perfectly all right as long as that item is easy to reach.  You will want those items as close to the door as possible for easy access to storage spaces.

Heavy items, like furniture, which you will not be using can go to the back of the room.

You will want to plan for an aisle down the middle of the storage unit. This will prevent you from having to climb over items to reach items.

All right, the planning period is over. Go ahead and pack your belongings in the unit.

Step Three and beyond.

Last, but equally important, make a diagram of the storage space, marking the location of each box, each piece of furniture, etc.  This is the tedious part of the process, but you will thank us for the suggestion at some point.  Trust us, you will need something in that locker during your rental period. Everyone does. This will make it very easy to find that something.

One word of warning before you begin: ask which items can safely be stored and which items are best left out of a storage unit.  Perishables and explosives and electronics, never!  When in doubt, ask the storage unit manager about the item in question.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

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