There are quite a few Burleson car self storage options in society today. This article will highlight those car storage options and point out what we believe is the most affordable AND secure option available.

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Burleson Car self storage options available to you.

Why do people pay for car storage? The reasons are many.  Military personnel facing deployment quite often avail themselves of car self-storage.  People who own very expensive vehicles might feel safer if their car is stored in a secure facility. Perhaps a person normally keeps their car in their home’s garage, but that garage is undergoing renovation for a month or so? Whatever the reason, suffice it to say many people, each month, do seek out car storage, and those people have various options available.

Most cities have parking garages which will rent long-term storage, by the month. Those places are generally reasonably affordable, but their security leaves much to be desired.

For the very expensive vehicles there are actual Burleson car self storage companies which provide the very best in secure self storage and even provide a minimum of car “maintenance” while the owner is away. These are generally very expensive car self storage options but they do provide the most secure storage, so in a very real sense you get what you are paying for.

And, finally, you can store your car at a self-storage facility like Mouser Self Storage.  A 10’x20’ storage unit is sufficient for storing a car, pickup truck, or small boat, and the storage price is considerably less than you would pay at a designated car storage facility.  Will it be secure?  It will be as secure as the security measures taken by the storage facility.

What we believe is the best option available.

For 90% of car owners in the U.S., by far the best option is at a car self storage facility like Mouser Self Storage. It is affordable, generally speaking, and if all four levels of security are available, as they are at Mouser, it is secure self-storage at its finest and safest.

One added word of caution.

No matter how secure your car or truck is while in storage spaces, it will never be 100% secure.  There is no planning for a hurricane or tornado or fire or earthquake, and for that reason we always suggest you call your insurance agent and inquire about storage insurance.  It is very inexpensive, it can be paid for only for the months you need it, and that added level of security is needed for complete peace of mind.

But wait! Isn’t there already insurance provided by the self-storage facility?  Yes, but it is limited, and only applies to damage incurred due to negligence of the storage facility. It does not cover things like natural disasters.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

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