If you have priced car self storage in the past, then you know how expensive it can be.

We are about to tell you just how inexpensive it can be if you know where to look.

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Traditional car self storage

Traditional car storage, and we are talking about decades, back to the 1920s forward to today, involved driving your car or truck into a warehouse where vehicles were store.  Today that warehouse may look a lot nicer than those in the past, but that is essentially the game plan.  Inside that warehouse the vehicle is kept, and the owner can pay extra for extra services like keeping the tires inflated, starting the vehicle periodically, and sometimes even the detailing of the vehicle.

Why would a car owner pay for such a service? Peace of mind is the primary reason.  Everyone knows that a car or truck is not safe in your driveway, and it is barely more safe in your garage. The only way to insure that your vehicle is safe from vandals and thieves while you are gone for an extended time is to put it in car storage and pay the rather steep price for that security.

Until now, that is.  This isn’t the 1920s, and a much less expensive approach to car storage has been introduced.

Mouser car storage.

At Mouser Self Storage, and at our sister company in North Fort Worth, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, you can rent a storage unit and park your car in it, just like you store household possessions or anything else in storage units.  Why not?  The smallest storage unit is 10’x10’, certainly large enough to park a family vehicle inside.  Heck, splurge and give yourself some extra room and rent a 10’x20’ self storage unit.  You are still renting secure self storage at a fraction of the cost of traditional car storage.

And is it secure?  Mouser offers the four levels of security:

  • Fenced exterior
  • Security camera monitoring 24/7
  • Computerized, individual access key cards
  • On-site management

And that all adds up to the most secure self storage found in the Greater Fort Worth area.

Saving money in a turbulent economy.

How much are we talking about? Certainly under $100 per month, and that is a great deal in today’s economy, and trust us when we tell you it is impossible to find traditional car storage for that price.  And in today’s turbulent world of a rising economy, who doesn’t want to save a couple hundred bucks per month?

No minimum rental period, 24/7 access, totally secure, great price . . . we are talking car self storage which will appeal to the top 99% of Americans.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

Mouser Self Storage and our sister company, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, are locally owned and operated.  Call us today and inquire about all of the storage solutions we offer.