Self storage risks may not be the most uplifting topic to discuss, but it is necessary for those who are thinking of renting storage units in the future. As much as we would all like to believe all storage places are safe, that simply is not true.

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The most common self storage risk.

By far the most common risk for customers at storage places is theft.  Self-storage facilities are prone to theft and vandalism.  Why, when you would think storage companies would be all about security? The answer to that question, sadly, is that not every storage company is all about security. Some, in fact, offer very little in the way of security.  Let’s look at the four levels of security and how they can be breached.

The first level of security is a fenced perimeter, which sounds all well and good, but a six-foot chain-linked fence is quite easy to climb over.  Is there barbed wire on top of that fence? There should be.

Second level, security video monitoring.  Where can this go wrong? Does the video monitoring cover every square inch of the property and, most importantly, is it monitored on a regular basis.  You would be surprised how many video cameras are either not live, simply for show, or only monitored at the end of the day.

Third level, computerized access cards, which cannot be copied, but they are more costly than traditional keys; thus, many companies settle for the traditional, and keys are copied to be used later by thieves.

Fourth, on-site management, certainly a deterrent, as long as the personnel walks the property on a regular basis and as long as that personnel is on the property 24/7.

Other risks to be aware of.

#2 on the risk list is damage to possessions due to extreme temperatures. This is a risk very few customers are aware of, but extreme temperatures can damage possessions when chemical changes occur.  Think rust forming on surfaces due to high humidity, or due to being near salt water.  Or think colors fading in extreme heat, or a computer damaged by temperature extremes. These things happen far more than you are aware of, and it is most definitely a concern.

And #3 on the list of risks is hidden costs or surcharges.

Finally, and sadly, there are less-than-reputable companies which will have surcharges and hidden fees listed in the rental contract, in fine print, and these will lead to the storage being much more expensive than a customer had planned on.

How to protect yourself.

First and foremost, read reviews on various storage companies.  Next, insist on all four levels of security for secure storage. Third, if you are storing sensitive items, pay a little extra for climate control self storage.  And, finally, read your rental agreement thoroughly and if there are questions make sure you ask them.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

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