For those of you unaware of storage unit cost, we present this article, covering all the financial details you will need to know about self-storage prices. We are Mouser Self Storage, providing the very best in storage solutions in South Fort Worth, Alvarado, and Johnson County. Call us at 682-800-3949 for more information.

Storage unit cost depends upon unit cost

Generally speaking, the larger the storage units, the more it will cost.  We are hesitant to show you prices in an article like this since prices change periodically.  Below are the unit sizes at Mouser, and we can tell you that usually, the smallest unit at storage facilities rents somewhere in the $50-$70 range. RV self storage will usually cost more, simply because the units are larger.  The same can be said about renting car storage or boat storage units.

  • 10’x10’
  • 10’x15’
  • 10’x20’
  • 10’x25’
  • 10’x30’

There are also specialty storage units for RVs as well as units for small shops/hobby shops. The units for shops cost more than units for normal possessions, mainly because of special features which we will talk about in the next section of this article.

Storage unit cost increases with special features.

Special features usually include electricity and climate control.  Not all units have either of those features; some have just electricity; some only climate control.  Some storage facilities, like Mouser, have units with electricity but no units with climate control.

You may also see higher prices related to the level of security provided at the storage facility.  For example, Mouser has four levels of security: Fenced perimeter with only one access gate, individualized access compute cards, security camera monitoring, and on-site management.  Other storage companies do not have all four levels of security and may cost less.

If all of this feels a bit random, it really is not.  The competition in the storage unit market will determine the cost of any unit; this is true in any city large enough to have multiple storage companies.  The prices quoted in this article are fairly standard for most storage companies throughout Tarrant, Parker, and Johnson Counties, Texas. What the cost will be in Los Angeles, or Bangor, depend solely on those areas.

Which storage unit size do you need?

If you are storing a car, you will need a unit at least 10’x10’. An RV will require, in most cases, at least 10’x20’ and oftentimes larger.  Boat storage the same.  For household possessions/furniture, the staff at a storage facility should be able to help you identify the unit size you need.  They will most likely have a poster which approximates how much furniture can fit in any given unit.  For example, a 10’x10’ unit can handle the furniture from one room or your home, plus enough room for multiple boxes of small items. A 20’x30 unit would be enough space for an entire home’s worth of furnishings, provided the home is “normal” size and not some mansion in Beverly Hills.

Your best bet is to talk to the pros at the storage company. This is information they are quite accomplished at, and they will be able to accurately predict which size unit you need.  Remember, a 10’x10’ unit is 100-square feet, but it is also 8-10 feet high, meaning at least 800-cubic feet of storage space.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

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