A rather common misconception about storage facilities for rent is that they all offer the same services, that they are basically all the same but with different names.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We are Mouser Self Storage, serving South Forth Worth and Johnson County with outstanding and affordable self storage solutions. Call us at 682-800-3949 for more information about car storage, boat storage, RV storage, or simply storage for your household possessions and furnishings.

Security available at storage facilities for rent.

If we had to pick the biggest discrepancy between various self storage facilities, it would be in the amount of security each offers.  Basically, there are four levels of security at a self storage business. Those security levels are:

  • Fenced perimeter of the entire property
  • Video surveillance of the entire property
  • Computerized, individual access keycards for each unit and access gate.
  • On-site management.

All four levels of security may, or may not, exist at any given storage company.  We have, no joke, seen storage facilities which were not even fenced, and it takes very little imagination to envision the amount of vandalism and/or theft which would occur at a place like that.

Our recommendation, and we cannot say this strongly enough: only store your possessions at a place which has all four levels of security and offers the best in secure self storage.

Services available differ from place to place.

What services are we talking about? Car storage! RV storage! Boat storage! Climate control self storage! Hobby shops! Electricity, 24/7 access, lights . . . these are things which are considered “extras,” and they are definitely not available at all storage facilities for rent.

Will you pay extra for these services? In most instances, yes, but the added cost is definitely worth it if needed, and it really is nominal when considering what you get for that added cost. It is also important to realize that in an article like this, it is impossible to give an up-to-date price.  What we quote today will be inaccurate a year from now.

Having said that . . .

And, of course, prices vary.

The first question we are always asked is about price.  It’s natural that people want to know the cost. All we can do it give you an overview of the pricing structure.

For household goods/furniture, etc., the smallest storage unit will cost somewhere from $50-$70 per month. The largest units can cost in the $200 per month neighborhood.  Car storage, boat storage, RV storage, those things cost more, as do extra services like climate control.

When you are looking for a self storage company, ask about monthly specials. Many companies have move-in specials, and also ask about discounts like military discounts or retiree dscounts. Those savings will add up over time.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

Mouser Self Storage is locally owned and operated, and we are located in the 917 Industrial Park of South Fort Worth/Alvarado.  Call us and ask about our current pricing.  And, for storage solutions in North Fort Worth, all our sister company, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, at 817-439-1380 for the same great storage solutions.  Two companies, one commitment to outstanding service.