RV Storage Units

Why would RV owners consider renting RV storage units? With the cost of RVs soaring higher and higher, oftentimes approaching, if not exceeding, $100,000, it has become almost mandatory that Americans find a secure place, RV self storage, to keep their RVs when they are not in use.

Let’s talk about RV storage units and answer any questions you might have about them.  We are Mouser Self Storage, providing the very best in storage solutions in the South Fort Worth area.

Why rent RV storage units?

Why do you need storage for your RV?  Three reasons: vandalism, thieves, and Mother Nature.

Imagine, if you will, spending $75,000 for a Class C motorhome.  You park it in your driveway, you go to your sister’s house for a weekend visit, you come back home and vandals have spray-painted graffiti on that $75,000 investment.

Or imagine going shopping at the grocery store, your RV parked in your driveway, and when you return from the store, discovering that your RV has been stolen.

Or, imagine the same RV, parked in the driveway, with a tree crashing down on top of it during a winter storm.

Isolated, rare incidents?  We think not, not in areas where crime is on the rise.

In those three scenarios, your replacement costs will be considerable, insurance or no insurance, and the toll it will take on your emotions cannot be valued.

Thus, the need for RV storage facilities.

The cost of RV storage units.

Self storage prices will vary depending upon the size of the storage unit and the area you live in. The sizes of RV storage at Mouser Self Storage are as follows:

  • 12’x35’
  • 12’x40’
  • 12’x45’
  • 13’x50’

Those prices are comparable/competitive with most RV storage facilities offering the same level of security and amenities.  Can you find lower prices? Most likely, yes, but will those lower prices include the Four Levels of Security offered by Mouser Self Storage?  Not likely!

Is it worth it for you?

We simply cannot answer this question for you.  $110 per month, say an average rental figure, totaling $1320 per year, compared to the deductible you would pay if the RV was damaged, plus costs not covered by your RV insurance . . . plus the cost of valuables inside the RV . . . plus the emotional angst caused by vandalism/theft/natural accidents . . . plus a dry, comfortable storage area where you can work on that remodel job over the winter.  Is it worth it?  Is car storage worth it?

All we can tell you is millions of RVers think it is worth it.  The price of peace of mind cannot be undervalued.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage in Alvarado.

Mouser Self Storage is locally owned and operated, managed by RDS Real Estate of Fort Worth.  Conveniently located with easy access to I-35W, Highway 287, Highway 67, and FM 917, Mouser is a quick trip to South Fort Worth.

Mouser offers the same high level of security found at its sister storage, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, located in the North Fort Worth area.  When you are looking for the very best in self storage solutions, Mouser and Blue Mound are the names to remember.  Call 1-682-800-3949 for more information.