Self storage, traditionally, has been a solution when you needed extra space for your overflow, or you needed a place to store your belongings during a transitional period.  Tradition, however, is changing, and self-storage facilities are so much more than places where the lawn furniture is stored over the winter.

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Yes, there is traditional self storage.

Before we talk about the new opportunities for storage, rest assured you can still empty out your garage into one of our storage units.  That was the primary purpose of a storage unit, and it will continue to be the #1 reason why people go to self-storage facilities.  Are you military needing a place to store things while on deployment?  Self-storage is the solution!  Are you in-between homes while you wait for the sale to close? Self-storage is the solution!  Do you just have too much stuff for the size of your home? Self-Storage is the solution!

However, self-storage companies are expanding, changing, to meet the needs of a changing society.

There is also car, boat, and RV storage.

Did you know that most storage facilities like Mouser Self Storage also offer car storage? Did you know we offer RV self storage? Boat storage units? And did you know those units are considerably less expensive than traditional car storage, boat storage, or RV storage?  And did you know we easily match the secure self storage  you will find at those other storage options?

Why pay $500 for car storage when you can go to a self-storage company and pay $150? Why pay $500 per month at a marina for your boat when you can get storage at a place like Mouser for $250?

A changing society with changing needs calls for changing solutions to storage problems, and self-storage is answering the call for those solutions.

There are also hobby shops for rent.

One more new wrinkle in the self storage saga is this: at places like Mouser Self Storage, you can rent, by the month, short-term rentals, small hobby shops complete with electricity, lights, and 24/7 access.  Imagine working on restoring your car in a private place and freeing up your garage. Imagine honing your woodworking skills and freeing up your spare bedroom in the process. Imagine satisfying your need to paint or sculpt and freeing up your living room? Where once you would need to rent a shop for rent for $1000 or more per month, you can now rent a storage unit for a fraction of that cost.

It’s a new world, and we are ready for it.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

Mouser Self Storage and our sister company, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, are locally owned and operated. Call us today and tell us what you need.  Chances are excellent that we not only have what you need, but we have it at a price you can afford.