Self storage insurance?  If you have never heard of it, and were unaware that it even existed, this article should prove beneficial to you. We are Mouser Self Storage, serving the residents of South Fort Worth, Alvarado, and Johnson County with affordable self storage solutions.  Call us at 682-800-3949 for more information.

Don’t self storage companies already have insurance?

Yes, they do, but by and large the insurance a company carries is only liability insurance in case a customer is hurt while at the self storage facility i.e. trips over cracked concrete.

The actual insuring of your personal items in storage, most often, is covered by your homeowner’s insurance; however, there are exceptions.

Why you should consider insurance for storage units.

When items in storage units are covered under a policy you already have, such as home insurance, common exclusions can include:

  • Water damage such as water backup
  • Earthquakes, tremors, sinkholes and mudslides
  • Mold and mildew
  • Power failure
  • Neglect
  • Intentional loss
  • Insects and rodents
  • Poor maintenance and upkeep
  • Wear and tear

Keep in mind, some of the problems listed above might be covered in a separate storage unit policy. Likewise, certain exclusions may apply to a separate policy such as excluding coverage for jewelry or furs. So, verify your certificate of insurance to see what issues are not covered in your policy.

The cost is very affordable and well worth it.

This whole conversation becomes a moot chat when you consider how affordable self-storage insurance is. Storage unit insurance can cost $8 to $38 per month for $10,000 of coverage, depending on your provider. While this number might seem low compared to the amount of personal property coverage in a normal renters or homeowners policy, remember that you won’t need to insure everything you own. You only need protection for items in storage spaces.

Is this all worth it to you? We cannot answer that question, but we can ask a question of our own for you to consider.  If the items you have in storage units are important enough for you to pay a storage fee, does that not answer the question? Put another way, what is the replacement value of the items in self storage? Can you afford to lose those items and pay for replacement of them?

And this becomes a very important question when we are talking about car storage, RV self-storage, or boat storage units. We are talking about items which cost tens-of-thousands of dollars, in which case the low cost of self-storage insurance is really a no-brainer decision.

Where can you get self-storage insurance? Check with your homeowner’s insurance company, or you can rest assured the storage company itself will have insurance for you to rent should you want to go through their insurance carrier.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

Mouser Self Storage, and our sister company Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, are locally owned and operated.  Call us and our professionals will help you decide what kind of storage unit will best meet your needs.  And ask us about any specials we might be having. We also offer small hobby shop for rent.