We receive this question about RV storage units all the time, so let’s take a moment and answer it for everyone who owns an RV and is considering RV self storage in the future.

We are Mouser Self Storge, offering storage solutions for the South Fort Worth/Alvarado/Johnson County areas. Call us at 682-800-3949 for more information about current prices and storage availability.

RV storage units generally speaking.

The first point we need to make is this: not all self storage companies offer RV storage units.  In fact, this is a fairly recent development in the self storage industry. The simple fact is this: many of the older storage places did not allocate spaces large enough to accommodate an RV, which oftentimes needs thirty-or-forty feet of storage space.

The second point of discussion is this question of 24/7 access to storage units.  Most RV owners we know love to hit the road early when they start off on a trip, and they do not want to have to wait until the storage company opens at eight or nine o’clock.  Or perhaps they want access to the RV in the evening so they can load it then in order to take off early.  This simply doesn’t work if the storage company has specific hours of business and access.

Having said that, not all self storage facilities offer 24/7 access. Again, depending upon where you live, you will have to make several calls to locate self storage for RVs.

Mouser RV storage.

Looking for convenient and secure RV self-storage options? Look no further! Our facility offers top-notch storage solutions for your RV, ensuring its safety and protection. With our covered RV storage near you, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is shielded from extreme weather, preventing weather-related damage to your cherished RV. Furthermore, if you are in need of both RV and boat storage, we have you covered! Our facility offers spacious and secure storage spaces with electricity for both vehicles. So whether you’re near Alvarado or anywhere else in Johnson County, we have the perfect solution. Visit our website to check out our competitive prices and reserve space online.

Safe and secure self storage that is accessible 24/7. Ready for you whenever you want to hit the road. Locally owned and operated. Competitive rates. Easy access to I35 and Hwy 287.

We have multiple size spaces from 12 x 35 up to 13 x 50. RV storage for lightweight camper trailers, large travel trailers and motorhomes. All RV storage includes covered parking with electricity. Our friendly staff is available to help find the right size for your RV.

Consider the price of your investment.

Which leads us to the question you must ask yourself: is it worth it to you to pay for RV storage? And our answer to you is this: what is your RV worth? What did you pay for it? Most RVs we know of cost between $50,000-$100,000, and that means they are major investments.  Do you really want to trust that your major investment will be safe sitting in your driveway at night?

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

Mouser Self Storage and our sister company, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, are locally owned and operated.  Call us today for current pricing and availability. We will take care of your RV like it is our own.