If you are looking for a car storage unit, we have an idea you most likely never thought of, and car storage can save you hundreds of dollars per month.

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An alternative car storage unit option. 

The reasons for needing to rent a car self storage unit are many, from you going away for vacation and not trusting to leave your car in the driveway, to being deployed into the military, to being called away for an extended period for business. Whatever the reasons may be, you want your vehicle safely looked after, but you also don’t want to pay an arm and leg for proper care.

This is a tough dilemma because most car storage is going to run you at least $250 per month, quite possibly more, and that puts it out of reach for many of us.

There is, however, an affordable option, namely self-storage spaces, and this option is rapidly gaining in popularity.  And why not?  For a fraction of the cost of traditional auto storage, you can tuck your vehicle inside storage units and know it is well-protected against vandalism, theft, and Mother Nature.

Cost of car storage unit and sizes available.

What kind of cost are we talking about for a storage unit adequate in size?  Prices will vary from city to city, but without a doubt, a self storage unit is less expensive than traditional car storage spaces. Compare that to car storage companies, at about $250 per month, and you begin to understand why this is such a popular option.

Sizes range from the small of 10’x10’ to much larger, in the 20’x30’ range. Of course, the price rises as the size increases but still, the larger units would be perfect in providing a space where you can work on your vehicle when you have time, out of the element, bring a space heater with you to warm you up, a great place away from home for some mechanical work.  Some units have electricity and covered units are available.

One other option to consider in Fort Worth.

We actually have two other options for you to consider. Our sister self storage company, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, in North Fort Worth/Haslet, has climate controlled storage for those who want to guard against the negative effects of extreme temperatures.  We also own Fort Worth Car Storage, a little more in price but well-worth the cost for the ultimate in car care.

The bottom line: No matter where you are in the Greater Fort Worth area, and no matter what kind of car care you are looking for, we have you covered, secure, and protected.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

Mouser Self Storage can be found in the 917 Industrial Park.  We are locally owned and operated, Texans looking to help other Texans. Mouser Self Storage is the best choice when it comes to renting storage space in Alvarado, Mansfield, Cleburne, Lillian, Midlothian, and Burleson. We are located right off FM 917 at 4595 J D Mouser Pkwy, Alvarado, TX 76009, in 917 Industrial Park.

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