Alvarado RV Self Storage

RV self storage in a city of 5,000, like Alvarado, Texas, is hard to come by.

Until now!  Mouser Self Storage, in Alvarado, Texas, provides the very best in RV self storage, and in this article you will learn all of the pertinent facts you need to make Mouser the next home for your RV.  Call us at 682-800-3949 for more information.

What you need for Alvarado RV Self Storage

What do you need for RV self storage?  We asked this question, many years back when we began building Blue Mound 287 Self Storage in Haslet, Texas.  At the time, we compiled a list of the services most-often asked for by people who use self storage units for car storage, for RV storage, and for boat storage units.  What did we need to provide so that they felt safe leaving their RV with us?

First, and foremost, we were told that secure storage spaces was Priority #1.  Modern RVs are a huge investment, oftentimes an investment over $100,000, and that type of investment needs secure self storage, period, end of discussion.

Next on the list was ease of access.  The storage spaces must not only be easy to park into and drive out of, but the storage facility must has close access to major roads; it was also included that 24/7 access would be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, our survey mentioned cost, and that one surprised us. We thought cost would be of primary concern to RV owners, but it was actually the last thing most of them mentioned.  Still, a fair cost for secure self storage was mentioned.

And so, we went to work on  Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, and as an added bonus we decided to include climate controlled self storage for those who wanted it.

Self storage you can count on.

Secure self storage? Check!  Video surveillance and on-site management, plus individualized, computerized access cards, are our way of showing we understand the investment you have made, and we are determined to keep that investment safe from vandalism, theft, and accidental damage.

Easy access? Check!  Mouser Self Storage, located in 917 Industrial Park, has easy access to I-35W, Highway 287, Highway 67, and FM 917, meaning the open road is right outside of our gates.  And we have left ample room so parking and removal is as easy as starting the engine.

Get big city service in small town America.

Listen, we don’t know how they do business in Los Angeles, or New York.  We are Texas born and bred, and we believe in small town values.  We promise to give the very best in self storage protection, and we promise to provide the absolute best small town service.  We heard what was wanted, many years ago, and we continue to provide for the residents of Tarrant and Johnson Counties.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

Mouser Self Storage, sister company of Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, is a trusted name in the self storage industry.  We are locally owned and operated, and we can handle any storage need that you have. Call us today!