What are the alternatives available for people looking to rent storage units? This may seem like a strange article, written by a storage unit company, but we are secure in our belief that storage units are an outstanding and affordable means of protecting and storing your items.

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Alternatives to storage units.

Storage companies are such a part of the American fabric, it might be hard to imagine any alternatives to the traditional storage spaces.  However, there are indeed alternatives, so let’s take a look at a few of them.

Neighbor is an app you can download, sort of like AirBnB, which connects people in need of storage with people who have storage available on their property.  It is growing in popularity, with the numbers increasing daily, but it also raises the question of security.

Pods is a storage solution which rents storage pods, deliver them to your property and then, when loaded, will deliver the pod to a new location . . . or simply allows you  a storage space for the time you need it, on your property, and then when you no longer need it, the pod is carried away.

Purchasing a shed might be a consideration for those who need storage space for a long period of time. We have seen sheds for sale at places like WalMart or on Amazon for as little as $250.  Of course, you need to put that shed together, and have the space for it, and level it on that space, but there is no doubt it will cost less than renting a storage unit for six months.

Finally, you might consider downsizing, getting rid of unwanted and unused items, thus eliminating the need for a storage unit all together.

Why you might not want traditional storage spaces.

Let’s look at the reasons why you might not want traditional storage units.  Mind you, we make no claim as to the validity of these reasons; we are simply mentioning them as reasons why people might not want the traditional storage solution.

The cost of monthly storage is the first reason we have heard, and the most common, and there is some validity to this if you are storing long-term.

The safety of your items in storage is another concern we have heard and yes, it is valid if the storage company does not offer the four levels of secure self storage.

Third, convenience is a consideration.  If you were to rent a storage unit which is five miles from your home, and you are storing items you need on a regular basis, like inventory for your home-based business, this could be a problem.

Millions of people can’t be all wrong.

So, there you have it, the cons of self storage and some alternatives to consider.  Fact: self storage is a billion-dollar industry, experiencing an 8% growth rate the last couple of years, and that growth is expected to continue as baby boomers begin to downsize.  The point: self storage is a viable storage solution for many citizens.  Is it for everyone? No, and there are options for those who do not want to use it.

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