What are storage spaces used for? Most people would say they offer a great place to store excess household items and that is true; by and large that is the #1 reason why so many people rent the many storage units available in this country.  However, there is a wide array of other used for storage spaces, and that is what we will talk about in this article.

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Vehicle storage spaces

It might surprise you to know that self-storage companies offer car storage, RV self storage, and even boat storage units, and those storage units are much less expensive and just as secure as the traditional storage solutions for vehicles, travel trailers, motorhomes, and boats.

Everything you could want from a marina can be had at a storage company like Mouser, except for the water, or course. Every convenience for a road warrior with a motorhome can be found at Mouser, and the car storage is every bit as good as at storage garages, minus the high cost.

Why park your antique roadster, your fishing boat, or your Class A Motorhome in your driveway where vandals, thieves, and Mother Nature can do damage, when you can spend a small amount each month to keep them all safe?

Shop spaces

Let’s imagine a scenario where you are a fledgling artist, the next Rembrandt in the making, and you specialize in stationary and greeting cards featuring your artwork.  Let’s also say you sell your creations on Etsy, and you work out of your spare bedroom . . . great scenario, right? Until that home business overflows into the living room, or until your cousin comes to visit for two weeks, or until the distractions of the home prevent you from concentrating on your artwork.

You have just reached the point where small hobby shops should be considered and yes, you can rent small hobby shops from many self-storage companies.

Business inventory spaces

Another scenario, one which is quite common in today’s economy.  You operate a small retail business, you found a great rental price on the property, it is just large enough for your display goods, a check-out counter, and, well, that’s about it.  Your storage space, shall we say, is a bit lacking. What are you going to do with our inventory?  Or you are a company which accumulates a great amount of paperwork, and you need a place to store the paperwork? Or you are a supply company of plumbing equipment, but your current building does not have enough backroom space for all of the supplies.

Yes, self-storage can provide the space you need.

Not one of the scenarios mentioned above is unusual. They all happen daily across this country.  And they are all indicative of why the self-storage industry is a $44 billion industry and growing.

A final word about Mouse Self Storage.

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