Storage places are things we all are aware of but rarely think about; until we need them, at which time we drive the nearest one, rent a storage unit, and then return to our normal lives.  What many people are not aware of is the wide variety of differences in storage units, and how those differences may affect the monthly storage costs and the security of your possessions.

Let’s talk about those things.

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What are storage places?

Storage places are companies which rent individual storage units (spaces) to individuals and companies, by the month. These storage units can be as small as 5’x10’, and as large as 12’x40’, sometimes larger.  The price of the storage spaces will depend upon, mainly, the size of the unit, with larger costing more, but there are other incidentals which may cost extra, so let’s tell you about those incidentals and arm you with information.

Many, many options and differences.

We are going to talk about just a few of the options you face when renting storage unit, touching upon the main options/differences.

First up is security.  Good security has a fenced perimeter, video security monitoring, on-site management, and individualized, computerized card keys. Those comprise the best in storage unit safety and security. Anything less that increases the chances of theft or vandalism happening.

Second, climate control self storage.  If it possible, at many storage places, to rent units which have air conditioning and heating. This can be important if you have temperature-sensitive items that you are storing.  Yes, it costs more, usually $10-$50 more per month, depending upon the size of the storage unit.

Third, hours of access. Some storage companies have 24/7 access. Some only have access during their hours of operation.  Make sure you know when you have access and when you do not.

Fourth, ground floor units vs second or third floor units.  This is important, obviously, for ease of access, plus there are usually weight restrictions for units above the ground floor.

Fifth, restrictions on the use of storage units.  For example, in most areas you may not conduct cash business from a storage unit, but you can use them for storage for your business.

These are just a handful of the most-common options you will come across when renting storage units.

Have a game plan, know what you are walking into.

And this, then, is our professional suggestion to you. Know what you need, know what you can afford, and stick to that game plan.  Doing so will save you money and save you headaches down the road. The storage business is highly competitive, so much so that there is no reason for you to pay for something you do not need.  Shop around, armed with the information in this article.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

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