Why rent a storage unit to winterize your boat?  We will give you reasons why you might consider doing so; we will also tell you that not all boats need to be winterized; and we will briefly tell you how to winterize.  We are Mouser Self Storage, offering storage solutions to the South Fort Worth/Alvarado/Johnson County area. Call us at 682-800-3949 for more information about current pricing and availability of storage units.

Do you need to rent a storage unit for winterizing?

Let’s begin with a simple fact: not all boats need to be winterized. If you live in an area where freezing temperatures do not happen, or are extremely rare, winterizing a boat is certainly not necessary every winter., so you would not need to rent a storage unit We do believe the steps in winterizing need to be done periodically, even if you live in the Bahamas, but certainly not every winter.

Steps in winterizing a boat.

Here are the steps you need to take for winterizing:

  • Tie off the steering wheel.
  • Remove all gear, such as fishing rods, lifejackets, tackle boxes, etc.
  • Clean out lockers and storage compartments.
  • Spray vinyl seats and covers with a mildew spray.
  • Deep clean carpets, floors, and appliances inside the boat.
  • Power wash the hull of the boat to get rid of buildup and seal with wax.
  • Buy antifreeze meant for freshwater sanitation systems..
  • Drain excess water from lines and tanks by opening fixtures.
  • Remove the primary hose feed and place it into a bucket of antifreeze.
  • Turn on every fixture and faucet until antifreeze comes out.
  • Reattach your freshwater tank hose.
  • Change the oil while the engine is still warm.
  • Remove the raw-water intake line and place it in a bucket of antifreeze.
  • Run the engine until the antifreeze has gone through the entire engine.
  • Use the flushing port to run cooling water through the engine.
  • Remove the oil, change the filter, refill it, and make sure there are no leaks in the engine.

Are all of these steps necessary for the type of boat you own? The best approach is to read the owner’s manual where you will most likely find information to guide you for winterizing that particular boat, or go online for more specific information.

Why a storage space for the job?

Storage spaces offer you a dry, clean area, outside of your home, so you can take your time and do the job right. There will be no distractions, no concerns over vandals or thieves, and no worries about Mother Nature. Storage spaces are convenient, offer drive-up units, and it is even possible to rent climate control storage units in many cities.  Yes, you will pay for the convenience, but convenience like that offered by Mouser Self Storage is so worth it when you rent a storage unit.

A final word about Mouser Self Storage.

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